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    Bloodborne Pathogens

    • Removing Gloves Safely

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    • Final Exam: Bloodborne Pathogens

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Meet Your Instructor

Mike Dettmer

As a lifelong firefighter, Mike Dettmer pulls from his direct experience as a first responder and EMT to provide a unique and personalized safety program. His lessons are designed to be fun, encouraging, and accessible to people of all levels and backgrounds. They have been the choice of not only fire departments and school districts all around Puget Sound, but brands like Lyft and Harley Davidson.  Unlike most programs, Mike constantly evaluates his curriculum himself so you can trust that all information is up to date and prepared by a certified professional. He holds instructor credentials for nationally recognized courses; OSHA General Industries, American Heart Association, National Fire Academy, Skagit College, and similar programs. His programs have certified over 30,000 students since 1982.